Sometime the women can’t make out that she is pregnant upto 3-4 moths of her pregnancy unless their tummy is seen. They may be unaware about the changes in their body. It is mostly common in women living in rural area. She should know what changes she will come across during her whole period of pregnancy. So here are some symptoms that the women experience during her pregnancy.


1st Trimester – Upto 12th Weeks
  1. Amenorrhea – Cessation of menstruation. Her cyclic bleeding is stopped.
  2. Morning Sickness – Nausea and vomiting predominantly in the morning. It is more pronounced during her first pregnancy. Due to vomiting, she also complain of loss of appetite.
  3. Increased Frequency of Micturition
  4. Breast Discomfort – Breast is enlarged with visible vein under the skin. Nipple and areola are pigmented.
  5. Fatigue

2nd Trimester – 12 to 28th Weeks
  1. Subsided Symptoms – Cessation of menstruation, Nausea, vomiting and frequency of micturition.
  2. Quickening (feeling of life) – The mother perceive her baby active movement inside her tummy for the first time. 
  3. Enlargement – Progressive enlargement of the lower abdomen.
  4. Cholasma – Pigmentation over the forehead and check may appear. 
  5. Food Craving
  6. Breast Changes
  7. Abdominal Pigmentation

3rd Trimester - 28 to 40th Weeks
  1. Amenorrhea – Continues
  2. Enlargement of Abdomen – There may be discomfort to the women such as difficulty in breathing.
  3. Lightening – Sense of pressure relief at about 38th week.
  4. Frequency of Micturition - Reappear 
  5. Baby’s Movement – More pronounced.
  6. Cutaneous Changes – There is increased pigmentation
  7. Weight Gain - About 10-12 kgs