Now a days the women can herself test her pregnancy by Urine Pregnancy Test Kit. There is no need of frequent visit to the clinic for the test. Once test is positive then you can visit the clinic.
Pregnancy Kit

  1. Note the first day of your last period.Then add 28 to calculate your next menstruation time. It may vary from 28 to 35 days.
  2. Date to Test: After you have missed the period, at least wait foe 5-10 days. If the test is done earlier then it may come negative.
  3. Use the pregnancy kit to test the pregnancy. Buy at least two kit from store.
  4. Open the kit. Don’t touch the activation tab. Use gloves if needed.
  5. Use the morning urine as it will be more concentrated.
  6. Stream Test - The stick is placed under the urine stream for at least 3 seconds.
  7. Dip Test (alternative) – Collect the urine in the container and dip the reactive end.
    Pregnancy Test Result
  8. Each pregnancy test has its own time. So read the instructions before using it.
  9. Read the test. 
  10. Negative - Only one color band appear on the control.
  11. Positive -  Color bands appear both on control and test. Presence of 2 lines in the kit.
  12. Invalid - No visible line. Repeat the test.
  13. If Positive then visit the doctor inorder to confirm the pregnancy.
  14. If Negative then wait for some day and repeat the test. If again it comes negative then consult the doctor for your menstrual irregularity.